Scarsdale Forum Newsletter

Scarsdale Forum Newsletter


The Forum and Scarsdale Need Your View!
Dear Members –
As the summer begins to wind down – the fall is heating up. Right now both the Village of Scarsdale and the Forum are actively seeking your view and feedback on the subject of Downtown Revitalization and the Freightway Redevelopment. I encourage you to take a few moments to complete the two surveys detailed below. Forum members have their eyes and ears on matters affecting our community – and your voice is important to these ongoing discussions.
If you have not done so already, please know that you may join any Forum Committee on a subject of your interest. A list of committees is available on our website and once you login, you simply select “join” for the committee of your choosing. You will automatically subscribe to that committee’s discussions. (Pro tip: you can even view the “archive” of committee discussion to catch up!)
Have a wonderful August.
ML Perlman, Forum President 2017-2018
The Revitalization Committee Wants Your View!

The Forum’s Downtown Revitalization Committee launched a consumer survey on July 25th to solicit the views of residents in Scarsdale and nearby towns about various aspects of the Scarsdale Village center, and changes they would like to see. The survey has been distributed widely to Forum members and via social media sites, local press, and Forum members’ e-mail lists. The Journal News covered the Forum’s consumer survey on August 1st; the full article is here.

Please make sure that you fill out this brief survey by clicking here. The survey closes September 5th. Please distribute the survey to people whom you know in Scarsdale and nearby towns.

The Downtown Revitalization Committee is in the process of finalizing a survey for Scarsdale merchants. That survey will be administered by Forum volunteers interviewing merchants in the Village center.

Education Committee
Community Visioning
SAVE the DATE! You are invited to attend ‘Scarsdale Schools: 2017 and Beyond’ on September 7th at 7:30pm at Rutherford Hall. The Education Committee will conduct live polling to ask the Scarsdale community what it wants for Scarsdale schools now and in years to come. We will have a panel of local Scarsdale residents speaking about their personal and professional experiences and expertise in the field of education, and together with them, the Education Committee will poll people and see the results live on a screen. This is the first time that the Forum is host to this type of innovative event. Please help the Education Committee get the word out by forwarding this newsletter to your Scarsdale friends and neighbors, especially those not in the Forum already. The event is open and free to residents of Scarsdale and the Mamaroneck strip, as well as to staff, teachers, and administrators of Scarsdale schools and the Village. The Education Committee would also like your help in inviting students and Scarsdale schools alumni. There are only 500 spots for live polling, so please RSVP in the adjacent box. Please remember to bring your smart phones, laptop, or other electronic devices to participate in the polling.
Scarsdale Schools: 2017 and Beyond
Rutherford Hall

09/07/17 7:30pm – 09/07/17 9:30pm

The Scarsdale Forum’s Education Committee will conduct live polling to ascertain what the community’s education values are.
I’ll be there!
I can’t make it
Board of Directors Meeting
CHANGE of DATE. The Forum’s Board of Directors will meet Wednesday, September 13th at 8:00pmon the 3rd floor of Village Hall. Please send your committee news to Communications Chair, Jon Mark, by August 25th, so that they may be included in the Forum’s September newsletter.
Forum Committee Updates
Assessment Revaluation
The Assessment Revaluation Committee is currently drafting a report containing information and analysis  for use by the Village in bettering its process in future property assessments. Any member interested in this subject is invited to join the committee in order to contribute to ongoing discussions.
The Communications Committee will meet later in the summer to set a schedule for the newsletters and other communications to be sent during 2017-2018.
County Fiscal Affairs

The County Fiscal Affairs Committee will be looking into the issue of leasing out the Westchester County Airport.

Downtown Revitalization
In addition to releasing the active survey referenced above, members of the Downtown Revitalization Committee met on July 14 with Village landlord Rush Wilson at a meeting organized by TAP CEO and Committee observer Jane Veron. There was a constructive exchange of information, and Mr. Wilson shared with the group his plans for improving the downtown. Among the topics were:  Improvements of Mr. Wilson’s properties on Christie Place, which will involve a zoning change; building a three-story parking/residential/retail structure across from 2 Overhill; and Mr. Wilson’s efforts to install proper ventilation in the Harwood Building so that restaurants could rent space in the building.  The Committee hopes to have meetings with other Village landlords in the near future.
In addition to the planned September 7th event referenced above, the Education Committee is pleased to announce that the Scarsdale Board of Education has accepted the committee’s request to appoint a liaison to the Education Committee. This liaison will facilitate communication between the committee and the Board of Education and School Administration. Also, the committee will meet in September to discuss writing a report on the need for a long term financial plan and to discuss the priority of other topics.
Municipal Services

The Municipal Services Committee has a full agenda that will keep the members busy through the end of this year and beyond. The objective is to provide the Village Board and Staff with a starting point for discussion about issues of importance to the community:


  • Traffic Report Update to November 2015 Recommendations: The Mayor and Village Manager have been advised of the committee’s intention to follow up on those recommendations that haven’t been addressed.  While attention has been paid to a limited number of intersections, signals and signage, and restoration of the Woodland Place sidewalk, members of the community believe that more should be done.


  • Traffic Report Survey II: In addition to comments the Municipal Services Committee has received from the community in response to an earlier, limited request for suggestions, the MSC is planning on broader community outreach through a new survey distributed to all outlets this fall.


  • Proposed Village Code compliance study on Village quality of life issues.


  • Freightway Development from a municipal services perspective.
Community Calendar
The community calendar with Scarsdale Forum, Scarsdale School, and Village events is here.
Village News
Village LED Streetlight Pilot Update
The Village LED Streetlight Pilot Program is continuing with Pilot LED lights installed in a number of locations throughout the Village, including on three sections of White Plains (Post) Road, two sections of Mamaroneck Road, Heathcote Road, Tisdale Road and Springdale Road. As the Village considers converting the streetlights in our community to LED, please take the time to go out and look at the lights and provide feedback to the Village Ad Hoc Committee on LED Streetlights. A map of the LED lights being tested is here.
The Village project to convert lights to LEDs began with a Forum report from the Sustainability Committee in 2015 which provided the Village with research and recommendations to consider LED streetlights.  Following the Forum report and presentation to the Board, an Ad-Hoc Committee was established to research LED streetlights and make a recommendation to the Board.  The Committee, which includes two members of the Forum, has been working to find the best lights for our community and hopes to hear your feedback. Any feedback or questions can be sent directly to the Ad Hoc Committee on LED Streetlights at or at the LED Comment box located at the first floor window at Village Hall. For the complete press release from the Village, please click here.
Freightway Steering Committee Releases Survey on Freightway Development Site
The Village of Scarsdale is conducting a visioning study to guide planning efforts for the Freightway Site, an underutilized area adjacent to the Scarsdale Metro North Railroad Station. The site is currently used for commuter parking with approximately 700 spaces, including an aging five-story parking garage and two surface parking lots. The study’s aim is to define a set of realistic and publicly supported goals and objectives for the development of the Freightway Site to enhance Scarsdale’s Village Center and meet local needs. In an effort to gather input from a diverse range of people who live, shop, work or own businesses in Scarsdale and adjacent areas, the Village Board of Trustees created the Freightway Steering Committee (FSC) who recently released an online public survey. The survey seeks responses to questions about key development priorities for the site. Individual responses are confidential and will be tabulated and shared publicly in summary form only. Please find the survey here and fill it out.
The Freightway Committee has walking tours of the Village Center on September 12th. There will be two walking tour sessions; one is at 8:00 AM and one is at 9:30 AM. Both tours will meet in front of Martine’s, 48 East Parkway. Space is limited. Anyone interested should RSVP to
Public workshops designed to get comment on the Freightway site are scheduled for September 28 at 7:00pm at the Congregational Church on Heathcoate Road and on November 13th at a location to be determined.

Attention Globe Trotters!

The Westchester County Mobile Passport Office will be at Boniface Circle in the Village Center on Thursday, August 10th, from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Westchester County staff will be on-site assisting visitors who wish to apply for a United States Passport, including having a photo taken for an additional fee. The total fee is $135 for adult applicants (16 and over) and $105 for applicants under 16. The $25 processing portion of the fee, included in the above totals, can be paid by check, money order, or credit card. The remainder of the fee, $110 for adults and $80 for minors MUST be paid by check or money order. Please see this Scarsdale Village press release for all the necessary documentation requirements.

School News
Board of Education Meeting, August 24th
The BOE will have a public meeting on August 24th at the Scarsdale High School at 6:30pm. According to Scarsdale Superintendent Dr. Thomas Hagerman,  “BPD, municipal finance consultants, will also be in attendance at the August 24th Board meeting to review a bonding timeline and various options for bond financing. They will also provide a projected tax impact and answer any related questions.” The bond FAQ is here.  The calendar for BOE 2017-2018 meetings may be accessed through this link.
Elementary School Open Houses
All Scarsdale elementary schools have their Open House Night at 7:00pm on Thursday, September 14th.
Revitalizing Scarsdale
Many Forum members attended a special in-store event celebrating the Chase Park installation of local artist Simmone Kestelman’s “Pearl Necklace.” Wilson & Son Jewelers was the host of this very special in-store event. Local merchants Zachy’s and Moscato catered the event.
The Scarsdale Forum
The Scarsdale Forum is a 501(c)(3) civic organization dedicated to discussion and analysis of all issues relevant to Scarsdale residents. Since 1904, the Forum has contributed meaningfully to Village affairs through its written reports, public speaker events, and committee discussions. Membership is available to all Scarsdale and Mamaroneck Strip residents regardless of citizenship status.
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